Natale a Torino

December 1st, 2019
Natale a Torino - Christmas in Turin

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Erix Logan and Sara Maya will be back at the Palace of Mystery performing their full show for the whole week

past events in 2019

January 2019 - Magic Festival - Teatro Manzoni - Milan and other events in Italy and in New York
February 2019 - Corporate events - Italy
March 2019 - Jury of French Magic Championship - Paris
April 2019 - events in New York and Italy

4 Public Shows in March in Europe!

Italian and French followers of Erix and Sara can catch two opportunities in March to see them in action in Europe before they return to Canada.

March 3d, 2018 - Verolanuova, Italy - Auditorium ITC Mazzolari - 9.00 p.m.
This show has an inner special value as it is dedicated to Luca, which left us when he was only 10 years old, due to a malignant tumour. His family created to his memory a no-profit association "The Gift of Luca" to support cancer research, children and their families. The proceeds fo this show will go to help those activities.
Erix and Sara are happy to take action in this event not to be missed. An opportunity of doing charity while enjoying a dreamful show.
Tickets can be reserved by calling:  338 5279747 or 338 338-8301765

March 16th-17th, 2018 - Dauphins Magiques - 
Andrézieux Bouthéon - France

Erix & Sara will close this famous annual festival consacrated to the art of magic with an excerpt from their show MistEriX: spectacular illusions to excite the senses, delicate effects to touch your feelings and a powerful finale to drive everyone to a deep sense of Wonder.
(March 16th 8.30pm) - (March 17th 2.30pm & 8.30pm) For tickets: - Tel. +33 07 85459248

Coming Shows

DECEMBER 31st 2017 - MistEriX - The full theatrical show.
Erix and Sara are back to Milan this year to celebrate New Year's Eve with their full evening show full of spectacular illusions, fun and thoughts for the whole family. Kids, adults and grandparents will all find their favourite time in a show aiming to unity, harmony and sharing.
Get your tickets at

JANUARY 4th 2018 - Have you ever seen someone flying?
Erix is back to his native city of Brescia, Italy with a brand new show which features the memorable Antigravity Adventure illusion! An event not to be missed. Book your seat now as there is a little availability. and to the box office at Teatro Sociale in Brescia


Shows Gallery

2 different 90 minutes show: one focusing on Spectacular, the other going very close to the Audience


Back to Italy in December 2016
for the Christmas Holidays


after the 2 months tour in China, Erix Logan and Sara Maya return to Italy with a series of shows in December
and as usual, they renew their proposal, aiming to evolution and improvement. On Dec, 26th at 4.00pm they play the Palabanco in Brescia with

“MAGIC – Part 1”

a huge illusion show in an enchanting atmosphere, where the latest creations of Erix, mixed with the magical voice of Sara Maya, will meet the audience’s enthusiasm.  Erix and Sara promise breathtaking effects and for the first time in Brescia the amazing Forfex illusion and an apparizione which people will talk about… at least until January 6th!!


… in fact…

On Jan. 6th at 4.00pm  Gennaio at the Teatro Sociale in Brescia doors open to:

“MAGIC – Part 2”

Erix and Sara will reveal themeselves to the audience in a way never before seen, for a much more intimate setting than the previous show “Part 1”, but with an inner focus:
Is Magic real?
How many illusions we face in our day life?
How illusions are created in our mind?
Those are only a few questions that will receive an answer, through a play of magic tricks and illusions dedicated to stimulate the senses, hearts and minds, to reach a sense of deep Wonder.



both shows can be purchased individually or as a combo.

We still have a few dates available to bring the show in your theatre

We still have a few slots available to promote your Company or for a private reception of your group

We still have some of the best seats available for you and your Christmas gift cards


From Los Angeles...

starting May 20th, 2016

the 3d Season of Masters of Illusions TV Series…

… Erix Logan with Sara Maya are back to American TV Series Masters of Illusions, the famous show that features the best magicians worldwide performing their most famous effects.

If you are not residing in America or Canada send us a message and we’ll be sending you the link to watch this incredible show (offer reserved to booking purposes)

Back again on French TV!

June 4th, 2016 FRANCE2 9.00pm

later on SKY TV5 Europe and Canada’s French Channels


Erix Logan is returning to the very famous French TV  show Le Plus Grand Cabaret du Monde for the second time this season. The opening of Logan’s newest show “The Magic Of” will be featured this time. Host of the show Patrick Sébastien, immediately hired this overflowing mix of magic, dance and live song, performed by Sara Maya and the Magic Team Dancers. Don’t miss it and if you can’t watch it send us a message to receive the private link (only for booking purposes).

Here below we offer to all readers an overview of some of the past appearance of Erix Logan at Le Plus Grand Cabaret du Monde:



will return to Italy in December 2016
for the Christmas Holidays

Book now your date, your Company slot and individuals seats

after the huge success worldwide, the new show of Erix Logan e Sara Maya is finally coming to Italy

Prepare yourself to drop your jaws for a show opening which has no comparison in the history of Magic, to feel wonder with the most touching moments, then laugh out loud in the audience participation and again be amazed with the beatboxer Dhap, the rapper Dank, the most cool dancers and the many extras, never before seen in a show of illusions. The Finale will keep you suspended between your seat and real Magic.

We still have a few dates available to bring the show in your theatre

We still have a few slots available to promote your Company or for a private reception of your group

We still have some of the best seats available for you and your Christmas gift cards