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A show of Great Magic

An illusion that looks like a dream, like a magic worthy of the great Houdini. Magician Erix Logan has now to his shoulders almost 25 years of magical career. He was born in Brescia, Italy, but then he moved and grew artistically in Canada, the land of the new circus. The same Logan guarantees: ”We are in front of an absolute novelty, a show made of craftsmanship, lights and special effects. Sudden appearances of beautiful girls, pyrotechnics, amazing illusions and great circus acts. The scene is a dream state full of amazing lights: at times it prevails the red, then orange, blue, green, violet, indigo. We are almost in a plaza of De Chirico, in a place of illusions, a dimension of the mind. Magic focuses to breathtaking effects, but the spleen of the show is guaranteed by memories, feeling, poetry.


At times music could be hypnotic or electrifying. It is like Chaplin should meet a great magician that would bring him back when he was a brat in his childhood. In some moments the scene seems permeated with visual sculptures, in others with elves made of light and in others from presences that look like mirages.
Somehow we could be inside a fairytale, somehow in a comic strip of Moebius, somehow inside a Pink Floyd’s hallucination. Science fiction cohabits with the ancient comic strips of Mandrake and again there are dancers, silhouettes borrowed from the shadow theater, magic tricks that are like silent fireworks. ”Many people ask me what is the secret behind the success of my shows – Erix Logan says – I believe that the fundamental tools are: speed, good illusions and the perfect music to fuel the interaction with my audience.”
This is a Las Vegas style show: at the same time a kolossal and a magic trick. Logan adds: ”Our show knows how to charm and to surprise. It is at the same time circus, theater, illusion show, live concert and a showcase of special effects: it is a great live movie that provides whole deception of theater while the magic happens on the notes of soprano singer Sara Maya. Audience is teleported in a surreal world, made of an ultramodern illusionism. Though it is state-of-the-art magic, the show points to emotions and to evocate wonder.” The show is in perennial tour and often it goes sold out.
Erix Logan wish to point it out: ”The strength of our show is that everybody likes it: from grandparents and little nephews, to whole families, they all come in theater to have a good time. We like to meet the audience after the show and almost all the spectators tell us the same: ”We have been open mouth the whole time and the show flies away, like a dream”.




Universally considered among the most innovative illusionists of our time for his style and creativity in staging magical illusions able to surprise and touch at the same time.

ERIX LOGAN brings the public where he wishes, where he knows that everyone will experience a deep sense of wonder.


”Born as singer”, Sara attended the Actors’ School of Piccolo Teatro in Milan and worked for years in several television programs on the major Italian networks, RAI and MEDIASET.

She met Magic and fell in love, while Magic found in her the perfect performer to interpret it in a new form, modern and attractive.


Erix Logan Interview

Magic as a tool of communication and marketing

Magic represents a fresh and effective new communication tool because it is an exciting form of entertainment that expresses positive feelings and it appeals to a universal audience.

A show based on Magic and illusions represents the Family Event for excellence, which is rated today as the most profitable form of entertainment.

We are constantly touring the world with our show and are currently offering international visibility. Click here below to discover the criteria of PARTNERSHIP or SPONSORSHIP you can opt to participate..






Opportunity of a quick and profitable return of the investment.

In the actual conjuncture, the traditional channels are losing attraction, leaving space to alternative investment possibilities. Investors’ interest in showbusiness is growing and innovative projects, like ours, are particularly desirable, because they offer a quick capital return, with shares that can be very interesting.


Commercial and Promotional Opportunity

Our partner/backers will also enjoy, besides the return guaranteed of their funds, the opportunity to increase their notoriety and concretize brand awareness, through commercial and promotional actions that are usually reserved only to Sponsors.

Contact us at or fill the contact form above for any further information.

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Communication Actions

Becoming an Official Sponsor will give you a series of channels and communication tools, which will contribute to increase your brand awareness: Brand Visibility, Entertainment, Opportunity of Public Relations.

Brand Visibility

Tabular advertisement; Show Program; Logo on billboards in front of theaters; Merchandising; Internet; Use of the logo of the show for Sponsor’s advertisement program; Press office’s specific activity.


Multimedia/editorial Products; Theater’s advertisement campaign; Impact of Magic.

Opportunity of public relationship

VIP Invitations; Exclusive shows; Showcases; Meeting the Cast.

Opportunity of customer retention

The Sponsor can take advantage of his role as Official Sponsor for activities aimed to increase the customers’ loyalty.

Have you ever thought about the potential and the advantage to enroll in a sponsorship to the Art of illusions and magic of Erix Logan?

You might have already be a sponsor for Theater or Events, placing your products and brand on display, in posters, flyers and even on stage; surely linking with art it has been good for you; but now try to think about blending with Magic, the possibility that you can gain a leading role inside the same show, because a part of its magic has been conceived and designed around your commercial demands. This is not an illusion, it’s a real power!

An example: Going to theatre, how many times did you find a beautiful car on display in the lobby?

You might had a look while receiving the brochure, which remained in your hands for a couple of minutes, just the time to find a trash can…

In facts it’s difficult to strike the attention of many people in the short time of the intermission, or while they enter/exit the showroom, which is the focus of their attention and the reason to pay for their tickets.


Now think of the same car. Rather than standing in the lobby, imagine that same car magically materializing before your very eyes, as the star of one of the most sensational illusion of Erix Logan.


Which one of those two display would you bet it will be the talk of the next day?


We have documented the gasps and screams of the audience when the car appears.

Contact us at or fill the contact form above to experience this marketing sensation and discover the companies and products that enjoyed our magic.

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News, Events & Blog

2016 Christmas Gallery


2 different 90 minutes show: one focusing on Spectacular, the other going very close to the Audience

Click the image to start watching all pics.



It’s our tradition to take a selfie with our great audience in every theatre we perform.

Enjoy the Collection here below and feel free to download and share any image.


(click left/right arrows inside pictures to see all the selfies)

Chongqing Grand Theater

Nov.19th, 2016

Huizhou Culture and Art Center

Nov.16th, 2016

Dongguang Poly Grand Theater

Nov.15th, 2016

Shenzhen Poly Grand Theater

13 Nov. 2016

Xiamen Jiageng Grand Theater

Nov. 10th, 2016

Wenzhou Poly Grand Theater

Nov. 8th, 2016

Zhoushan Putu Poly Grand Theater

Nov. 6th, 2016

Shanghai Poly Grand Theater

Nov. 4th, 2016

Kunshan Culture and Art Center

Nov. 3rd, 2016

Wuxi Grand Theater

Nov. 1st, 2016

Nanjing Poly Grand Theater

Oct. 30th, 2016

Taizhou Grand Theater

Oct. 29th, 2016

Changzhou Grand Theater

Oct. 28th, 2016

Yixing Poly Grand Theater

Oct. 27th, 2016

Ma Hashan Grand Theater

Oct. 25th, 2016

Zhang Jiagang Grand Theater

Oct.23d, 2016

Changshu Poly Grand Theater

Oct. 22nd, 2016

Zhengzhou Henan Art Center

Oct. 20th, 2016

Handan Grand Theater

Oct.20th, 2016

Huhhot Grand Theater

Oct.15th, 2016

Yantai Grand Theater

Oct.11th, 2016

Weihai Conference Center Grand Theater

Oct.11th, 2016

Weifang Grand Theater

Oct.9th, 2016

QINGDAO Grand Theater

Oct.8th, 2016

Shenyang Shengjing Grand Theater

Oct. 5th, 2016

Dalian Conference Center

Oct. 3, 2016

Shanxi Grand Theater

Sep. 30th, 2016

Huanggang City Opera Grand Theater

Sep. 27, 2016

Wuhan Grand Theater

Sep. 25, 2016

HEFEI Grand Theater

HEFEI Grand Theater Sep.23, 2016



Back to Italy in December 2016 for the Christmas Holidays



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