Erix Logan & Sara Maya back to Italy!

After a whole year spent performing around the world Erix Logan & Sara Maya return to Italy to celebrate the Season with their families. They couldn’t miss this opportunity to present some preview of their new project. A show conceived with a more intimate setting compared to their usual standard with huge illusions; targeted to enjoy two hours of Magical Surprises, Feelings and Emotions, to be shared in a Family unit.

Erix & Sara play with their opposite in this context, bringing on stage their “smallest” repertory, to leave the space to an open audience interaction, which will bring to brighter lights their talent to establish a high quality level of exchange with their spectators.

The show can be enjoyed at the Teatro S. Giulia – Brescia, Italy on January 3 and 4, with 2 shows daily.

For more information on this project and future developments: