October 1-7, 2014

Erix Logan and the inseparable Sara Maya, together with their consolidated staff, companion of the many tours around the world, flew back to China, this time in Shenzhen, with a complete 90 minutes show, linked to an international magic festival.

Without any doubts this has been the biggest and more huge show ever staged by Erix! Not only he brought with him all his major illusions for a total of 7 tons of props split in 65 flight cases and 35 crates; he also added an outdoor performance of his Flying illusion and a TV shooting along the week.

The audience response has been amazing, they have been litterally fascinated by the performing style of Erix and the incredible singing of Sara. It has been often believed that Chinese people are attracted only by quick and flashy magic tricks. Although they definitely appreciate spectacular effects; in the same way they get involved into some romance and more intimate settings, provided the performers are able to capture their attention and maintain it high, throughout the whole performance.

This is a double return indeed. First of all because our team is fresh from one semester of shows in China, just ended in July, then because it’s a return to this same festival, where they played in 2012, closing the show with a 20 minutes, in the city of Chengdu. The management’s choice to upgrade our cooperation to a sole starring role confirms the strong increase of interest and trust toward our Artists. Televisions and national Press will be promoting several other side events. We will publish on this page all the news, as they will be arriving from China in real time.

We celebrate this return by publishing the images of the event of 2012 and if you scroll deeper you may find the newest Gallery for this month’s event!

Thanks for your interest, or better say… xié xié!