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The new magic set of Erix Logan is now on sale.
This is his third collection of magic tricks everyone can do for the “fool and fun” of family and friends.

The market offers magic set which promises 100+ tricks and when you open it, you find a booklet and some pasteboard pieces

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Quality, not Quantity.

We offer 4 real strong tricks, explained in details by Erix himself, through a video tutorial which you can download through private links dedicated to each effect.

Logan will first perform the trick, then he accurately will teach how to do it, with lots of suggestions and insights.


The Box includes:

One set of giant plastic silver Cups & Ball – A classic of Magic to enchant your audience

– Swords Through Box (a miniature illusion where you push 5 plastic swords through a coin in a box)

– Dice Bomb – a visual flashy effect where one dice turns into 8 small dices

– Svengali Deck – a special deck of cards allows you to perform miracles without years of practice, The perfect tool to fall in love with card magic and start studying and practicing for years to come this fabulous branch of Magic!


With this tricks you can entertain your family and friends doing an entire performance of 4 magical effects. If you look for more you can order from us many more new tricks.