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Sara Maya has created a special kit “For Girls Only”, with some special effects that every girl will love.
Every box includes video tutorial links to a greeting message from Sara and the performance and teaching of every trick by magician Erix Logan

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The Box includes:

– Fantastic Box – A magic box to make things appear and disappear (and save your most precious treasures)

– Coloring Book – First you show the empty pages of a little book, then black and white images will appear and later they will turn into full color drawings!

– The Bending Spoon – Show a packet of cards with a spoon printed on each card and “with the power of your mind” fold each one of it for the amazement of your audience

One set of giant plastic silver Cups & Ball – A classic of Magic to enchant your audience

With this tricks you can entertain your family and friends doing an entire performance of 4 magical effects. If you look for more you can order from us many more new tricks.

Recommended for age 6-99